UP BOX + 3D Printer

UP BOX + 3D Printer

Product Code:UP Box + 3D Printer
Price: RM14,000.00 Ex Tax: RM14,000.00


The New Standard
The UP BOX builds on the rock-solid performance of the UP Plus 2 and the industry leading, price/performance value of the UP mini, by adding the feature that many users have been waiting for, Larger Build Volume, 255x205x205mm, or 10x8x8inch (WxHxD) while increasing the print resolution to a super-fine 0.1mm and accelerating printing speed up to 30% faster than the UP Plus 2.

Fully Automated Platform Leveling
Fully automated platform leveling with automatic calibration with no human intervention required, providing a seamless 3D printing experience.

Chamber with Air Filtration System
Enclosure with Air Filtration System that keeps your environment green by minimizing operational noise and containing any fumes that may result from the printing process.

Slick Design
Light-Pulse functional LED, mood-lighting that gives your UP BOX heartbeat by displaying on-going print-status.

Smart Breakaway Support System
Smart Support is Tiertime's proprietary, auto-support-structure generation algorithm that automatically produces easily, removable support-structure during printing process. This ensures droop-free output by allowing difficult and complex designs to be printed with ease. In addition, the UP software features a user-friendly interface and comprehensive printing functions which new users and fans of the UP series will find easy to operate.

1-Year Full Warranty
The UP BOX is under full warranty against manufacturing defects for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

Customer Care and On-site Support
Our Support Team is available 5 days a week to help UP BOX owners troubleshoot hardware and software. 


Technical Specifications
Build envelope (volume) 205mm (H) × 205 mm × 255 mm
Build layer thickness (resolution) 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40mm
Minimum build size 5 mm × 5 mm × 5 mm
Build speed 8 cm³ /hr – 60cm³ /hr
Base material and support material specification ABS & PLA. Smart Support Technology automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable.
If the support material is soluble Air Filtration, Light-Pulse functional LED.
Soluble solvent specification N/A
Final part accuracy (in each direction : x, y, z) X-axis: 0.2 mm/50 mm.
Y-axis: 0.2 mm/50 mm.
Z-axis: 0.2 mm/50 mm.
Final part surface finish Printed ABS can be machined, sanded and polished.
The way to remove final parts from machine The final parts can be easily removed from the platform with hands or simple tools, like spade, after the build box cools down.
Software specification and abilities Win XP/Vista/7/8Mac OS
Technical Support & Warranty 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
Operation Requirements
Power requirements Standard Power Suppy
Optimal temperature 15°C - 50°C
Relative humidity 30% -70%

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