3D Design

All model and product concepts start from the 3D design. At 3D Printer Malaysia, we educate and train individuals using the 3D design software from the basic skills to advanced professional levels. You do not need to pay or make any purchase. The training course is provided entirely free.

Having headache coping with 3D designing?
If you are running out of time rushing for your concept design for your urgent commitment, talk to us now. We are providing affordable 3D design services.

Getting Started
In order to subscribe to our 3D design service, kindly submit your requirements stating the full details of your model parameters to helpdesk@3dprinter.com.my. Alternatively, submit your physical model to our showroom address for evaluation.

Design Fees
We charge based on RM300 per man day. The number of production days depend on the complexity of the model to be agreed upon before commencing the job.

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