3D Printer Training

3D Printer Training

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As we witness the unfolding of the next digital explosion where the Internet of Things (IoT) become the integral part of our life, it is imperative to prepare ourselves and more importantly the future generations for the knowledge necessary to adapt and blend in to this new environment.

3D printing is believed to be an important technology that could change the way manufacturing evolves in the near future. As the world governments are looking at ways to improve manufacturing efficiencies while at the same time looking at ways to reduce cost of production, 3d printing seems to be an important option to propel the manufacturing into the 3rd industrial revolution.

Want to know more how it works and benefit it could bring? Join our 3-day tuition class now!

Students starting as young as 8-year old are encouraged to join the class.

Lessons shall include a one-to-one tuition of 3d design, 3d scanning, 3d printing, finsihing processing and painting.

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