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UP is the most trusted and best selling 3D Printer brand in Malaysia. Since 2012, we made news headlines in many local medias. The UP 3D Printer impressed many corporate and individual users for its amazingly high quality 3D printing and user-friendliness. The maiden series of UP, the UP Plus 3D Printer won the Best Overall Experience Make Magazine Award in 2012. While the second generation UP Plus 2 won the Best in Class Make Magazine Award in 2014. In 2015, it again won an award being the winner of the Most Reliable 3D Printer.

The New Standard UP BOX is built on the rock-solid performance of the UP Plus 2 and the industry leading, price/performance value of the UP mini, by adding the feature that many users have been waiting for, Larger Build Volume, 255x205x205mm, or 10x8x8inch (WxHxD) while increasing the print resolution to a super-fine 0.1mm and accelerating printing speed up to 30% faster than the UP Plus 2.

An introduction to the UP Box via video demo

We have many satisfied customers from all works of life.

  • Architectural house
  • Automotive industries
  • Primary, secondary and higher educational instituition
  • Jewelry
  • Product Design house
  • Animation company
  • Plastic injection molding manufacturer
  • Electronic components manufacturer and more

Call us now at +603.61517811 to talk to our friendly consultant for more details.

Make no mistake! A 3D Printer doesn't print on a piece of paper like some of us thought! A 3D Printer is similar to a manufacturing machine. It builds physical objects directly from a digital file! Be it an architectural model, a complex mechanical gear, an animated cartoon character or a simple bottle, you can now magically build them instantly right on your desktop anytime and anywhere.

How it works?

A 3D Printer builds physical object by laying down multiple successive layers of material. The 3D Printer head lays down materials on the x and y axis continuously while the print bed on the Z axis lowers to allow the next layer to be laid on top on its intersection. This process repeat itself until a complete physical object is built.



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